Oral Medicine

What is an Oral Medicine Specialist

An oral medicine specialist diagonoses and manages a wide range of oral mucosal abnormalities, such as ulcers, growths, cancers, infections and allergies; disorders related to the salivary glands; temporomandibular (Jaw) disorders; taste and smell disorders; oral manifestations of systemic and infectious diseases and oral management of obstructive sleep apnoea.

As part of their services, an oral medicine specialist performs a comprehensive range of procedures to diagnose and treat various conditions. These include biopsies; imaging studies like x-rays, CT scans and MRIs; salivary and blood tests; medical management; and specialised injections, such as in the case of TMJ and associated jaw and facial pain. As a trained dentist, your oral medicine specialist may also perform dental procedures as part of your treatment.

An oral medicine specialist works alongside other healthcare practitioners, including general practitioners, dentists, oncologists, immunologist, dermatologist, rheumatologist, sleep physicians and maxillofacial surgeons to formulate a treatment plan.

Meet your Oral Medicine Specialist

Dr Joseph Ryan 

BMed Sc, BDSc, BSc (Hons 1), MSc (Pain Medicine), DCD (Oral Medicine)

Dr Joseph Ryan is originally from Canberra where he worked as a dentist with his father and brothers in private practice for several years.  Dr Joseph went on to complete an Oral Medicine Specialisation and a Masters Degree in Pain Medicine. He manages a vast range of clinical conditions that broadly fall within three chief clinical areas.

• Head and Neck Pain with a particular interest in Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders (Jaw joint pain)

• Oral Disease and Disorders

• Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring and Sleep apnoea

Dr Joseph Ryan is currently the Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology at Charles Sturt University and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology at Melbourne University.

Outside Oral Medicine, Joseph enjoys spending time with his family as well as surfing, snow skiing and running.