What is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a registered specialist who has three years of advanced post-graduate training in addition to a dental degree. They specialise in diagnosing and treating dental and facial problems that involve restoring broken down or missing teeth and dental structures.

A prosthodontist is highly trained in cosmetic dentistry, restoring teeth with dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, diagnosing and treating disorders of the  temporomandibular joint and related muscles, and more.

Implant treatment involves the fixing of a surgical grade base to the bone in place of the missing tooth. A crown is then attached to the top of the implant to function as a regular tooth.


Porcelain and composite veneers are used to mask teeth that are uneven in shape, stained, discoloured and/or chipped.


Full or partial dentures are removeable false teeth, used to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.


Meet your Prosthodontist

Dr Kritesh Bhai

BDS, PGCTT, DCD (Pros)(Melb)  

Dr. Bhai graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2013 and worked as a general dentist in the public sector. He joined the Fiji School of Medicine a year later as a lecturer whilst also pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, which he completed in 2017 whilst also working in private practice.

In 2021, Dr. Bhai completed his Doctor of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Melbourne, specialising in Prosthodontics. He has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry, implants and removable prostheses and enjoys working with geriatric patients.

Outside the Clinic, Kritesh enjoys playing soccer and squash and cooking. His dream is to have his own line of craft beer but is currently stuck in the experimental stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does prosthodontic treatment involve?

Treatment with a prosthodontist can vary from managing a single broken-down or missing tooth to restoring and rehabilitating the whole mouth. No matter what your situation is, at your first appointment your prosthodontist will listen to your concerns, examine your mouth and discuss the available options to achieve the functional and cosmetic outcome you are looking for.

I am nervous about dental treatment, can you help me?

The prosthodontists who work from Shellharbour Dental Specialists are expert clinicians and will always ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with your treatment plan before commencing. If you are apprehensive or nervous about treatment, there are several relaxation and sedation methods available including ‘sleep dentistry’. Your prosthodontist will happily discuss all the options available to assist you at your initial consultation.

What does treatment cost and do you offer payment plans?

Once you have developed your treatment plan with your prosthodontist, they will provide you with a detailed quote prior to commencing any treatment. Our practice offers interest-free payment plans with a low establishment fee and flexible terms. Please contact our friendly receptionists if you would like to find out more information on our finance options.